The Hoylake “Bird Observatory” Bird Report for 2000-1

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Systematic list - .                
Red-throated Diver to Gannet.
Cormorant to Brent Goose.
Shelduck to Long-tailed Duck (below).
Common Scoter to Merlin.
Barbary Falcon to Knot.
Sanderling to Black-tailed Godwit.
Bar-tailed Godwit to Grey Phalarope.
Pomarine Skua to Corn Bunting will be published in the April 2002 Newsletter.

The status line included for each species is adapted from the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society's bird report.

Shelduck                                          Tadorna tadorna

Very common visitor


Recorded more or less daily apart from mid summer. Thirteen on the beach on Jun 21st 2000 included eleven recently fledged young. 75 on Sept 7th and 122 on Sept 9th 2000 were the largest counts. Up to four pairs displayed on the beach in Mar and early Apr 2001.


Wigeon                                              Anas penelope

Very common winter visitor
First recorded on Oct 10th, with ten more records up to Dec 2nd 2000 Mostly recorded in flocks of one to six, though 24 moved west on Nov 1st2000. The only 2001 record was of ten on Oct 28th.


Teal                                                    Anas crecca

Very common winter visitor
First recorded on Sept 9th. 120 on Oct 8th was the highest count ever in the Red Rocks recording area by 100! The only other record was of two on Nov 18th2000. No records in 2001.


Mallard                                              Anas platyrhynchos

Common widespread resident
There were nine apparently random records between Jun 14th 2000 and May 17th 2001 Eight on the sea on Jan 14th 2001 was the highest count.


Pintail                                              Anas acuta

Very common winter visitor
The most frequently recorded and generally numerous Anas spp. First noted on Sept 16th 2000 when a female sat on the ebbing tide and last seen on Mar 10th 2001, with returning birds again from Oct 28th 2001. 49 on Nov 11th 2000 was the largest count.


Shoveler                                        Anas clypeata

Uncommon winter visitor
Four on Oct 10th 2000 and two on Dec 31st 2000. This species is a vagrant at Red Rocks, in fact the former admitted themselves to MGT's Red Rocks list as they flew out of sight round the point!


Tufted Duck                                Aythya fuligula

Uncommon resident
A drake flew East on Oct 23rd 2000 and a female-type flew west on Sept 15th 2001.


Scaup                                       Aythya marila

Scarce coastal winter visitor
One on the sea on Oct 10th 2000, four, including two drakes on Mar 10th 2001 an unusually early eclipse drake on Aug 4th 2001 and finally two on Oct 28th 2001.


Eider                                        Somateria mollissima

Rare coastal winter visitor


In 2000, recorded on six dates between Oct 8th and Dec 15th. Up to four birds were present, including one adult male. Two were seen on Oct 28th and Dec 31st 2001.


Long-tailed Duck                      Clangula hyemalis

Very scare coastal winter visitor
One flew east close inshore on Oct 29th 2000, another flew west on Apr 7th 2001 and Nov 4th 2001. All three were female or immature types.

Common Scoter to Merlin.