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Map of Parkgate and Neston
Parkgate and Neston
Directions: Leave Heswall along the A540 towards Chester and turn right down Boathouse Lane to Parkgate. At Parkgate turn right along a lane along the sea front which takes you to the car park at the Old Baths (1). There is a good walk along the low sea wall from here past Heswall Golf Couse and back to Cottage Lane. Along Parkgate Promenade are various flashes including Donkey Stand Flash (2), these attract a good range of birds. At the south end of Pargate follow the road to the left and head towards Neston. About one quarter mile after you pass by the Wirral Way turn right into Moorside Lane (3). Just where the road takes a sharp turn right a lane leads down to the marsh. To the south of this lane is Neston Reed bed and Old Quay, there is a path here (see dotted line on map) which takes you all the way to Denhall Lane.
Go through Neston taking the road to Ness and Burton. Just over half a mile after the shops at Neston turn right at a mini roundabout down Marshlands Road. At the shore turn left past the Harp Inn to Denhall Quay (4). This an excellent view point over the marsh and nearby Denhall Gutter. Paths go from here along the shore both to Neston one way and Denhall (near Burton) the other. The footpath going towards Neston (towards Moorside Lane) takes you to the Neston Old Quay (5) with Neston Reed Bed on the edge of the marsh to your left and Neston Sewage Farm inland to your right. You can still see the sandstone quay last used in the 19th century. You can park at both the end of Marshlands Road and at Denhall Quay but beware that the end of Marshlands Raod gets floded on a high spring tide.
Neston has railway links with Birkenhead and Wrexham. There is a good bus service to Birkenhead and Chester. Grid Refs: Parkgate Old Baths SJ275788.