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Survey carried out by
Brian and Sue Roberts




Month first seen

Blackbird January
Blackcap January
Bullfinch January
Chaffinch January
Chiffchaff January
Coot January
Cormorant January
Crow, Carrion January
Dipper January
Dove, Collared January
Duck, Mandarin January
Duck, Tufted January
Fieldfare January
Goldcrest January
Grebe, Little January
Gull, Black-headed January
Gull, Common January
Gull, Herring January
Heron, Grey January
Jackdaw January
Jay January
Kestrel January
Magpie January
Mallard January
Oystercatcher January
Merlin January
Moorhen January
Nuthatch January
Owl, Tawny January
Pigeon, Feral January
Pigeon, Wood January
Pintail January
Pochard, Common January
Redwing January
Robin January
Rook January
Sparrow, House January
Swan Mute January
Thrush, Mistle January
Thrush, Song January
Tit, Blue January
Tit, Coal January
Tit, Great January
Tit, Long-tailed January
Treecreeper January
Wagtail, Grey January
Woodpecker, Greater-spotted January
Woodpecker, Lesser-spotted January
Wren January
 Dunnock February
Greenfinch February
Gull, Lesser Black-backed February
Kingfisher February
Woodpecker, Green  February
 Common Buzzard March
Duck, Feral March
Duck, Muscovy March
Goose, Canada March
Raven, Common March
Tit, Willow  March
Wagtail, Pied March
Warbler, Willow March
Scaup, Greater March
Honey Buzzard April
House Martin April
Starling April
Goldfinch April
Gull, Greater Black-backed May
Flycatcher, Pied May
Flycatcher, Spotted May
Hobby May
Swift May
Swallow May
Warbler, Reed May
Warbler, Wood May
Common Whitethroat June
Warbler, Grasshopper June
Peacock, Common June
Cuckoo June
Goose, Greylag June
Warbler, Garden July
Brambling July
Falcon, Peregrine July
Rail, Water July
Redstart July
Sparrowhawk July
Sandpiper, Common August
Wigeon September
Pheasant, Common October
Siskin October
Pochard, Red-crested November
Goldeneye November
Total number up to 30th November 2001 92
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