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Map of Burton

Directions: From Neston take Burton Road which turns into Neston Road in Ness. Immediately after passing by Ness Gardens turn right down Denhall Lane, a narrow road leading down to Burton Marsh. To the right Denhall Lane continues as a track leading to Denhall Quay taking you past Decca pools (1). Turning south, the short stetch of road (where there is some parking space) gives great views over Burton Marsh (2). A track forks right at the bottom of Station Road which takes you to Burton Point (3) and beyond.
Drive up Station Road to Burton, a lovely picturesque Cheshire village. Turn right at Puddington Lane and shortly you will see the sign to Burton Mere Wetlands on the right with the track taking you to the car park and Reception Hide (4). From here there are various walks including one that takes you to the far side of the reserve at the Inner Marsh Farm hide (5).
Burton Wood (6), just to the north of Burton Village, is an extensive area of mixed woodland owned by the National Trust. 
Map Ref: Burton Marsh by Denhall Lane SJ301748.